Meet Nick

Nick Chaplain
President | Cash Flow Strategist

Nick Chaplain is the Founder and President of Boston Cash Flow Financial. He’s on a mission to help business owners and families create time and money freedom by keeping more of the money they make, protecting it, and turning it into cash-flowing assets.

Nick has had a fascination for working and making money from an early age. His first job was at six years old working on a local farm, and it wasn’t easy. He started saving at a very young age, opening up his first checking account at 7 years old! He loved tagging along with his father while he worked on numerous real estate deals and remembers counting the $100 bills when they collected rents together. This laid the foundation for his strong work ethic and desire for business.

Nick graduated from Bryant University in 1998 with a CIS degree and soon thereafter began his career at fidelity investments as a software engineer. In 2002, he left corporate America and started a career in residential and commercial mortgage banking fell in love with finance and helping others achieve their financial goals. Over the years he found a greater passion for understanding what wealth is and how its created and transitioned to insurance planning in 2009.

Nick bases his financial strategies on the Circle of Wealth and Infinite Banking concepts and is an authorized Your Family Bank representative . He not only teaches clients how to use these wealth strategies, but he also models these strategies in his own personal life. Business owner, real estate investor, and the owner of multiple specially-designed whole life insurance policies, he is familiar with implementing and practicing these personal banking strategies within his own personal economy.

Nick is a Boston sports fan, he enjoys watching his kids play sports, snowboarding, cooking, listening to podcasts and staying physically active. Nick and his beautiful wife Robin live in Hudson MA along with their 3 amazing children Niko, Tatianna, Dimitri, and their dog Mugsy.


Our Mission

Boston Cash Flow Financial helps business owners and families implement cash flow strategies that provide Liquidity, Use, and Control of their money. We focus on:

  • Creating a place to store money and earn uninterrupted compounded growth
  • Creating true, workable cash flow with streams of income
  • Creating true growth without losing principal

Financial efficiency is achieving maximum productivity and results while minimizing waste and loss.  Financial inefficiency causes loss of assets, loss of spendable income and loss of liquidity. Understanding how money really works and learning how to minimize the negative financial impact of life’s events; college financing, mortgages, debt, and stock market corrections, will significantly improve your financial future. There is more to be gained by avoiding loss than chasing potential gains.

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