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College Funding

Be financially prepared to help your child attend college.

A college education is arguably one of the most expensive periods in life. It is impossible to plan effectively for anything when we are unaware of the rules and strategies available. At Boston Cash Flow Financial, we help our clients avoid unnecessary wealth transfers and funding a college education can be one of the largest wealth transfers for a family.

The proper approach to funding a college education is nearly the opposite of the typical convention approach. At Boston Cash Flow Financial, we help with:
• understanding the TRUE cost of college including its opportunity cost.
• becoming as cash flow efficient as possible and stop any “wealth leakage” in your financial habits.
• understanding the borrowing opportunities and their individual risks and rewards.
• maintaining control of your assets as they key to financial success. Spending your assets as a last resort instead of a first course of action, will keep you in control of your finances longer.

There are many elements to consider in determining the cost of college, the total out of pocket expense, as well as the impact it may have on you other financial goals and dreams. Unless you are certain of each of these elements, you may be making decisions that are not in the best interests of your financial health. Just like any major expense in life, the only successful way to manage the expense is through proper planning.

Only when you are aware of the true cost and your capacity to fund college without impairing your ability to attain your other financial goals such as retirement, will you be able to determine the proper plan for funding college.

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